Rental Conditions


1. Rental, rental age and license period ...

For economy group vehicles… 23 years and 2 years driving license (Hyundai i20, RenaultClio etc.)
For middle group vehicles… 25 years and 3 years driving license (Focus, Fluence, Linea etc.)
For upper group vehicles… 27 ​​years and 5 years driving license period (Jetta, Passat, Mondeo etc.)
For luxury group vehicles… 30 years and 5 years driving license (Mercedes Vito, A180 etc.)
Domestic and foreign customers (credit card or deposit) are required to pay. Otherwise, the vehicle may not be given.
2.Services included in the price

Airport vehicle delivery
Roadside assistance
Parking fee at the time of delivery
3.Casco and Insurance coverage

Vehicles also have compulsory traffic insurance.
Material damages caused to third parties by the vehicle are covered within the limits determined by the compulsory traffic insurance. Tenant in case of accident or after; If the hirer company fulfills its responsibilities, it is obliged to pay all material and moral damages that may occur. It will be held responsible for all lawsuits to be filed related to this process.
There is an "EXEMPTION" in vehicles; (in cases where the driver is found 100% defective (including one-sided accidents) during the rental period of the vehicle rented by the tenant, there are exemption fees. The tenant has to pay the costs of accidents and damages according to the amount determined according to the vehicle groups.
The tenant is obliged to pay the exemption of the damage that will occur as a result of any accident that will be done or will be done during the rental period.

Exemption fees of our vehicles;

Economic class: 400 € Middle class: 600 € Upper class: 700 € Luxury class: 1200 €

A. Full accident insurance and elimination of exemption
In the event of an accident, it will remove the responsibility of the tenant for the exemption fee varying depending on the rented vehicle group, and the damages up to the exemption amount in unilateral accidents, for example; Parking lot, tire-glass-headlight damages, scratches, dents, dents and damages that are not mixed by third parties are included in the scope of coverage, provided that a police report is received.

Full accident insurance costs;

Economic class: 20TL Middle class: 30TL Upper class: 40TL Luxury class: 100TL

Theft insurance
a. It guarantees the compensation for loss of work arising between the theft of the vehicle and the payment by the insurance. The daily theft insurance cost is 7 TL / day.
b. For stolen vehicles, the tenant is obliged to hand over the key and license to the authorized firm.

C. Situations where insurance and full accident insurance are disabled

a. Damages caused by the use of vehicles by persons other than those specified in the contract
b. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
c. Missing accident documents
D. Damages that may occur as a result of violation of traffic rules
e. Damages that will occur outside the period specified in the lease contract
f. Damages to the interior equipment of the vehicle
g. Loss of license and keys
h. Failure to inform the rental company and the competent authorities in the event of an accident.
4. Our Policies

    a. Mileage limit

Our vehicles have a mileage limit.

It is limited to 4000 km in monthly rentals.

There is a 300 km limit for 1 (one) day rentals.

There is a limit of 40000 km for 1 (one) year leases.

If the mileage limit specified in the contract is exceeded; the tenant has an obligation to pay 0.65 KR + VAT for each km. For detailed information, please contact our offices.

     b. Credit card or deposit

A deposit of 150 € or 1000 TL is required from our rental customers if they have a credit card issued in their name during the rental or if they do not have a credit card.

     c. Traffic fines

Traffic fines that will occur during the rental period belong to the tenant. Even if the lessor pays the penalty fee himself, the penalty amount will be requested from the tenant separately. Due to the costs incurred during the payment and collection of traffic fines, a service fee of 25 TL / fines will be charged.

     D. Fuel

The rented vehicles are delivered with as much fuel as possible. Vehicles with full tank of fuel are delivered to the full tank. Vehicles with an empty tank of fuel are delivered to the empty tank.

For vehicles with full warehouse delivery, the missing part is completed and collected from the tenant, and an additional 50 TL service fee is charged.

     to. HGS

Usage fee is charged for HGS, OGS service used in toll highway and bridge crossings, and an additional 10 TL / service fee is collected separately from the rental fee.

     f. One way fee

If the tenant leaves the vehicle he rented to a station other than the one he bought, he is obliged to pay a one-way fee. One-way fee is (1.65) TL for economic vehicles and (2.5) TL for middle and upper class vehicles for each km (kilometer).

g. Extension

In the request for an extension of the rental period, the first extension is taken by phone, the fee is collected by mail-order or money transfer to the account, and then the vehicle must be brought to the rental office and checked.

The tenant is obliged to pay (350) TL per day at the price specified by the company for the extensions made without permission.

      h.Early return

On early returns, three (3) days of the rental period is charged as early return, and the remaining amount is refunded. If the rental period is less than three (3) days, no refund will be made.

      I. Boarding pass

Boarding card can be questioned for leases to be made from the airport. For detailed information, call the call center at 0 (322) 4545715.

       j. Rental period

The rental period is 24 hours. 20% of the daily rental fee is collected for each one hour delay, and the daily rental fee is collected for delays after the 3rd hour.

When the tenant does not return the documents (license and plates) of the vehicle at the time of delivery to the lessor, he is obliged to meet all kinds of procedures for the issuance of new ones.


5. In case of accident

The authorized company should be called and informed about the accident. The necessary documents for the accident must be prepared and delivered to the authorized company within at least 2 (two) business days.

  a. Documents to be prepared in case of accident

It should be prepared from both sides; License photocopies, driver's license photocopies, traffic insurance policy photocopies, accident report (sight of both sides and with wet signatures in both samples), a few pictures taken without changing the accident position of the vehicles and showing the damaged parts and, if necessary, alcohol and drug reports taken in police custody is obliged to buy.


6. Reservation and Rental Conditions

Reservations made on our site will be valid if you read and accept the car rental conditions, price terms and site usage conditions.
Although it is not a frequent application, the brand and model of the vehicle selected in the reservation may differ from an equivalent vehicle.
In order to avoid a problem during the rental period, you can reach us from the contact phones given to you in case of a possible need.
 For detailed information, call the call center at 0 (322) 4545715.
If there is any change in the specified days and times during the reservation and rental phase, the standard list prices specified in the rental contract are applied.
During the rental, the lease contract is signed.
The tenant is obliged to pay the expenses due to burns and stains that may occur on the seats and interior equipment of the vehicle during the rental period, and if the vehicle cannot be rented again; The tenant is obliged to pay a detailed cleaning fee of 300,00 TL.
Even if the reservation confirmation has been made, the authorized company may not deliver the vehicle if it deems necessary during the delivery phase of the vehicle.
The items found in the vehicles are taken to the lost property section during and after the rental period. Our company cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten items.

7. Rental period and after

In the event of any one or more of the items mentioned below, insurance and insurance are invalid and the customer is responsible for the financial expenses incurred.

The use of the vehicle other than the persons included in the rental contract
Use of the vehicle outside of normal conditions of use. For example; high speed, bad road conditions, wrong fuel use
Using the vehicle contrary to traffic rules. For example; not obeying traffic signs and signs
Damage or accident caused by the loads carried in the vehicle
Careless and imprudent use of the vehicle, for example; rainy weather, speed distance control
Failure to inform the contact numbers given in any case, abandon the accident site (except in cases specified with a doctor's report)
In cases where the rental period is extended or the rental period is over without approval
Damage to the tire, glass or headlight is exempt, this insurance can be taken separately.
Customs laws, T.C.K. and the transportation of all kinds of goods that are considered a crime by other laws and their use in other unlawful works
Without prior written permission, T.C. expulsion beyond the borders
In the expenses to be made for the revocation of the missing official documents (license and plates) in case of vehicle delivery
The tenant will be responsible for all costs incurred in the event that the vehicle is confiscated or detained by the competent authorities due to the law (wrong parking).
Disputes between the Tenant and the Lessor will be resolved in Adana courts and enforcement offices in accordance with Turkish Law.