Frequently Asked Questions

I want to rent a car, what should I do?

Your car reservation, after completing the selections related to your reservation on the main page, you can make it using your Visa/Mastercard/Amex credit cards or as a pre-reservation. In addition, +90 322 454 57 15 you can also make your reservation by using our numbered call center.

Do you accept payments other than credit cards?

No, we are unable to accept payments other than Visa/Mastercard/Amex credit cards. No vehicle reservation can be made with cash, debit card or virtual card from any of our sales channels.

I will rent a car, but I don't have a card limit / the limit is insufficient. can I pay with a credit card in the name of someone else?

No. According to our security rules, driver information and paid card information must match for car rental services provided through all of our booking channels.

How can I know if my car reservation has been confirmed? confirmation information is sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by all our guests who have completed the car rental process through our website during the rental process. Therefore, it is important that our guests fully and accurately convey all their information at the time of booking.

How can I cancel my reservation? you can send your reservation cancellation request via e-mail address. In addition, +90 322 454 57 15 you can also cancel your reservation through our numbered call center. Please note that if your rental is less than 24 hours before the pick-up time or the car is not picked up without canceling the reservation, there is a deduction for the refund of the rental price. You can review the details of the Dilbaz rent a car car rental agreement for the details of the rules of cancellation of reservations.

What should I pay attention to when I come to the office to pick up the car I rented?

Our guests will sign a car rental agreement when they come to our office to pick up the vehicles they have chosen from the offices they specified when booking. In order for the contract to be valid, you must have your driver's license, ID or valid passport with you and a credit card with a limit of at least the same as the authorization fee. In addition, your address of residence and phone information will be recorded in your contract. Before leaving our office, be sure to ask our authorized friends for a copy of your rental agreement.

The car delivered to me and the car I booked are different brands. What can I do?

If Jul's vehicle, age and driving license age limits that are available in a supergroup or equivalent in the booking class are in accordance with the vehicle group requirements, the price difference will be given without request to our guests who cannot provide a vehicle available in the vehicle group they want on the purchase day specified by our guests.

I exceeded the daily mileage limit. What can I do?

For our guests who exceed the daily mileage limit, an additional mileage october may be charged to the daily rental price. The amount of distance traveled by the vehicles is determined by reading the mileage clock placed on the vehicles by the manufacturing companies. In case of disruption of the mileage set on the vehicle, the mileage fee is determined based on the distance of the trip on the map.

Do your vehicles have traffic insurance, insurance?

All of our vehicles in our fleet have traffic insurance and rent a car insurance.

When is the block placed on my credit card refunded when renting a car?

Provision (deposit), after the expiration of the lease; The remaining amount is refunded by calculating the toll roads and bridge crossings, missing fuel, daily km limit excess and damage costs, if any. If these amounts are not available, the entire provision fee will be forwarded to the bank to which our guests' credit card is connected for refund. The refund of the provision is reflected on the credit card of our guests within 1 dec 10 working days depending on the interbank transactions and subject to public holidays.

I had an accident. What had I better do?

Depending on the manner of occurrence of the accident, the procedures that our guests must follow vary. However, in any case, our guests +90 322 454 57 15 it is necessary to contact the authorized persons on our numbered line and provide information. In case our guests are hit by a stopped vehicle or if our vehicle is hit by third parties while our vehicle is parked; accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle. In case of collision; if at least one of the cases is present, if one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance, if one of the vehicles involved in the accident results in death or bodily harm, if at least one of the cases exists, one of the vehicles belonging to the public institutions belongs to the public institutions belongs to the accident, damage to the property belonging to the public institutions, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle. In case of a collision, if none of the items mentioned above has occurred, our guests should keep an Accident Detection Report with Material Damage according to the way the accident occurred.

I will return the car I rented later than the time I specified. What had I better do?

We ask our guests who will have a delay in the delivery of the vehicle to inform the office specified as the return office when renting the vehicle. Depending on the duration of the delay, we may reflect the cost of the delay to our guests. In cases where the delay period exceeds 2 hours, the cost of a day's rent is reflected. You can review our rental agreement for the details of the transactions to be applied in case of delay.
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